Wednesday, 17 October 2012

BK Sameday sponsors Telford Tigers

By Howling Monkey Media Ltd
TRS Telford Tigers have launched a utilities scheme to save fans money and raise funds for the club.

The all in one utilities switching service can reduce the cost of bills such as your phone, broadband, gas, electric and mobile phones, with the club earning 3.5% of the members monthly reduced bills through the service. 

This service is being sponsored by local couriers and their Managing Director, Ben Coates, was pleased to help support the service saying “I am delighted to sponsor this utilities scheme and help the Tigers continue the fantastic work they have done since becoming a supporter’s trust club.
"The new utilities service is a win win situation for both fans and the club” 

Supporters can switch to the new utilities by visiting the website and selecting the utilities they are interested in.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

MP shows the Wright way for the FSB

Shropshire Branch

MP shows the Wright way for the FSB

David Wright MP bought himself closer to the Telford business community, recently, by listening to and taking up causes from members of the Federation of Small Businesses at the recent Shropshire branch networking meeting.

On a warm night at Meeting Point house in Telford, David Wright MP answered questions from members on VAT, finance, the local council and future policies to see the country out of recession, there was also discussions on how the Shropshire business community can become more powerful, and approach the council in stronger ways.

David took on board a lot of the comments, offered his view on most and assisted in looking at ways forward.

Ray Hickinbottom, membership manager and event organiser for the branch said “we are a non-political lobbying group for small businesses, and David Wright MP very kindly offered his services to come and listen to how life is on the shop floor so to speak, indeed one of our members had a call from the MP in regards VAT, just as he was about to pose the query in the House of Commons. It is part of our series of events, our main aim is to bring the issues real people are experiencing, into sharp focus to the people that need to know, and our thanks go out to David for making the time to see us.”

The conversation was free flowing and everybody got to make their point at the meeting, it was local business owner of a logistics firm and FSB member, Ben Coates, that posed the VAT question, and he added “I recently spoke to the VAT office with regards setting up a monthly payment scheme, rather than new businesses having to find a huge lump sum every 3 months, however this was not available, when I mentioned it to Mr Wright he seemed to agree that the idea of enabling new businesses to budget this way, made sense, and of course it would help with Cash Flow.”

“I wrote to David as he asked me to, then I received a call three weeks later, with the question that was to be asked. The MP said he was about to table it and was outside the chancellor’s office as we spoke. Without the FSB I would feel isolated, so I have to thank my local branch for offering me the chance to move my idea forward.”

Ray added, “Since we met with David, he has invited us to take a group down to parliament for a tour, and has also booked a committee room so we are able to move discussions forward, we are not committed to any political party, our ties are firmly with the local business community who we represent.”

Up and coming FSB events include:

Monthly Networking meeting at Meeting Point house, 21st June, 19th July and the yearly social event, September 20th, venue to be arranged.

Please feel free to contact FSB Shropshire on the following:

Ray Hickinbottom – Membership Manager – 07733 603052
Ben Coates – Committee member – 07738 715038
Twitter: @fsbshropshire
Facebook Group: FSB Shropshire group

Monday, 16 January 2012

We have qualified!

Yes folks, have officially been promoted within the Utility Warehouse family; we have now reached the next level and have locked in our next set of payments, that is what is fantastic about this business, with being paid up to eleven different ways, once you are in, your money only goes one way with a little bit of consistency.

When I approach people about the business, some think it is too good to be true, I mean £100 investment (current special offer until end of March 2012, normal price is £195) and in return you get a free training program, a full, complete website, marketing materials and you are ready to go and sign up customer from day one, also not stock to hold and no staff to employ, and you get paid even when you are asleep.

It really is an opportunity for all, from people wanting their own business, to business owners wanting to add to their portfolio, and from fundraising projects that need a boost; these are available at reduced rates and are perfect for many projects including sports clubs and charities.

For those of you who think that the market is cramped, I am too late, Utility Warehouse has 1% of the market, they have over 400,000 customers now using over 1 million services, there target is 10%, in a market that is so huge and vast, this really is a huge chunk to go at, to view a video of the opportunity please visit

I urge you to take this chance, but even if you are not looking for a new business but want to save money, sign up for the utility services at

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Behave Liverpool and Suarez

This is not a blog to have a go at a Liverpool player or the club; this is about what is right in the UK society.

Luis Suarez came to our country to work; he came to work to our rules in our culture, not his own, if I went to his country I have to abide by their laws. So what makes him think he can make racist remarks to another human in the UK, what gives Gus Poyet the right to come onto a national radio station and tell us we should learn his culture because it is accepted there. I will tell you what, it is football arrogance.

Suarez has a right to a fair trial, and those who wanted him lynched because it was United v Liverpool before any evidence was heard, were out of order, just as the people who said it is false because it is Patrice Evra, Suarez also had the right to appeal if he felt hard done by, this is the UK law that he has to abide by, but since the initial conviction there has been nothing but embarrassment for Suarez, Dalglish and Liverpool as a football club, a football club that has had a lot of public sympathy in the past, a football club that was asking the public to quite rightly sign a commons motion for justice recently over a very sad case, so what makes them now think they are the courts, and they give out the justice?

Once the original decision was passed down, Liverpool took the mickey out of the FA by wearing the ill-advised t-shirts, we also were subjected to a disagreement with the decision, although still not a problem as the full facts weren’t known, or the appeal was still a possibility, but to do it in public was a slap in the face for the FA.

Now Liverpool have accepted the decision, that makes the decision by the FA the final say on the matter, so why have we had the oddest of statements from Suarez, a total ignorance of the situation from the club, and more bile from the mouth of the manager, what makes Liverpool the power to do this, what gives them the right to ask us for assistance in justice when they won’t accept authority decisions on what their own player has basically admitted.

Nobody is saying Suarez is a racist, more ignorant to our laws and ways, surely the sensible option for Liverpool would be to say, “yes we apologise, the player was poorly educated by us”, and Suarez to say “it is accepted in my country, I now realise it isn’t here where I work, I am sorry, and didn’t mean it to be offensive, we all live and learn”, but no!

This is not a witch hunt, this is not somebody picking on Liverpool, this is education, assistance for the Kick Racism out of football campaign, and it is about time that the club showed that they are a trend setter and do have respect for the British public, that they can show humanity and accept this was an error.

This is showing football up for the greedy, overpriced game it has sadly become, it is now so distanced from the genuine fan that goes to matches week in, week out, it is a sad situation, and made worse when clubs, players and managers insult the public intelligence.

We are in a mess Britain.

As 2012 hits us, we are met with more headlines of doom and gloom, the pensions system is on the verge of collapse, the jobs market is at as low a point as we have known for a generation, and people are striking at regular intervals. Yes people Britain is in a mess and it is official.

So how do we put the great back into our proud nation, how do we get the economy pumping again, how do we get money back into people’s pockets and most importantly how do we create ourselves a pension?

We could sit and cry foul of course, we could wave placards in the street, or we could become business owners and create our own future, shape our own destiny, that is what I have done with

I am a business owner, I have a same day courier firm,, and believe me, this industry has been hit hard, not only with the slowdown, but we have rising diesel costs to contend with, higher road taxes, most people moan when they have one car to run at the motoring fees, imagine if like us you have a fleet, so I decided that I wanted to create a residual income, one that builds and build and won’t be affected by over paid, wasteful bankers, or can be risked by enthusiastic but unrealistic investment know it all person sat in his warm office, acting like Gordon Geko.

Telecom Plus do not limit the opportunity to Directors, neither do you need to be a sales person, there is no large investment, just a small fee affordable for most, if not everyone, but for this small fee you gain a business in a box, as well as a training system that improves you as a person which is worth thousands of pounds in the open market.

This is not a get rich quick scheme, but you can earn the amounts you require by being consistent, if you have five hours a week to put into the business, it will grow, slowly, but give it two to three years and you will start seeing the benefits, realistic earnings and bonus schemes can make a difference from year one, and can allow you to take retirement from the hurly burly world within five years if worked right, you can take the business on full time and create your destiny quicker, but most people need the back up of a steady income until this builds into that.

You and only you can turn your life around, politicians will be sat with their payments, knowing that you voted them in and you are paying their wages with taxes, no matter what the pension fund says, fat cat bankers will still receive the high salaries we all see, then when you ask them for help, there computer will probably say no, but when the government charges them more taxes on profits, yes profits not losses, they will cry wolf and run overseas, but poor old you will still be working 40-60 hour weeks and you will be old enough to remember IPod’s and Xboxes, you will remember telling your children all about the glory days of the late 90’s and early naughty’s, and realising that the older generation of this period could retire at 65, whilst you are hard at it at 75.

Take this out of the equation and speak with your future’s specialist, I am not asking for thousands of pounds, or to risk anything you have built, this business requires no staff, no stock to be held, and no collection of payments, all it needs is you and an hour or two a day, this is not a question of do I need this, it is a question of can I afford to miss out? If you want to work until you are preparing for the pearly gates, then yes, you can afford to miss out, but if you want to enjoy later life, and even earlier than that, then visit today or call 07738 715038.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Another Van into the fleet, here we go for year 2.

BK Sameday has just begun its second year of trading, and is celebrating by adding an additional Transit van to the fleet. Tucked into their distribution centre in Trench Lock, Ben Coates has decided it is time to start filling the warehouse and becoming a distribution centre for local businesses.

With the more vans they bring on board, the easier it is to offer a reduced price to customers who can wait a day or two and add the items to the appropriate van, Ben said “it has been difficult with the small van’s, we have had to be purely a same day company only, get the goods and take it to the destination, therefore charging our per mileage price, this will still be our main service, however with the new vans coming into the fleet, we expect to cover the UK most days, thus enable a collection in the North, and promise a delivery down South within a couple of days, but at a cut price, because we can get more than one job on the van.”

BK Sameday know the importance of the local economy, indeed being a courier business, there are many factors that affect margins, none more so than the rising cost of Diesel, the weather slowing traffic down, and cash flow dictating the amount of vans are on the road, but Ben said “We are building slowly, our first year accounts are near completion and they show a small profit, and that was with a big marketing splash just before the end of year, we appreciate market conditions are poor, but if we can improve year on year then we will be happy, we are not a major player, but we are ensuring our long term sustainability and not over-stretching ourselves.”

BK Sameday will have three full time workers from Mid-January, but is looking for self-employed van drivers looking for work, working off a trade exchange means that work can be supplied to several people in different areas of the country 90% of the time, Ben added “We have some fantastic tools in our industry, and if we can pass on some of this business to local drivers, we would be proud to assist, we can put on where people are returning from as well and ensure they are loaded for return journeys, which is where we can really make our margins higher.”

To take advantage of this or to discuss working alongside BK Sameday please call 0844 826 2614 or visit

Sunday, 1 January 2012

A Few Home Truths.

Simon Cowell does not produce musicians; he produces talentless karaoke singers and turns them into a commercial enterprise.

Great footballers are not people who have one good game or season; they are players who perform at the highest level, Champions League, World Cup, and European Championships.

Big companies have no customer service, just computerised people who have standard answers.

Carlos Tevez is a spoilt brat, on his money he should play and shut up, but what do you expect with his agent?

Cheryl Cole has got what she deserved in 2011.

Sir Alan Sugar is a success and has worked for what he has.

FIFA is run by a dictator who is ridiculed over the world, unless he makes promises.

Twitter and Facebook are fads; they will change, evolve or disappear.

E-bay and PayPal are dear to deal with.

Kauto Star and Phil Taylor are sporting greats, Harry Redknapp and Gareth Bale aren’t.

Alisha Dixon is one of the worst judges on the TV, she scores on who she fancies not on technical ability.

Computerised, Commercialised Music is crap and only brought by the thick public.

Britain is a rip off, you are penalised for working hard, try getting the scroungers off there lazy arses and into work.

James Murdoch is a rat, but not as bad as Piers Morgan.

Don’t forget this is a satirical look at life.

Frank Lampard kissing the Chelsea badge is embarrassing; his family are West Ham through and through.

Jeremy Clarkson didn’t really mean he would shoot people.

Public Sector workers are having a laugh by going on strike, just want the economy needs, selfish!

If you have time to complain about a TV programme, then you spend too much time watching the idiot box, try turning that time into profitability.

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here should be done under the trade descriptions act, none of them are famous.

People only go on Reality TV shows, go on because their careers have failed.

Jockeys are the best sports people in the world, they work every day and never complain about tiredness, yet only on a pittance per ride, take note over paid footballers.

England Rugby Team were a disgrace to the country, end of, a message to Johnson, professional sports people on the money they are, no longer should have a beer at a world cup, shocker.

England Test Cricket Team are the pride of the nation, there dedication to the country has been immense, the discipline and pride Flower and Strauss have installed is amazing, take note the Rugby and Football Side.

Who really cares about the England Football Side, Club football is far bigger than internationals now, and only idiots like Adrian Durham think otherwise.

Moose from Talk Sport is an embarrassment to West Ham and the radio station.

Mick Quinn, for a biased scouser is actually a funny guy and him and Saggers are a great start to the weekend.

Due to the do gooders how are new companies on a budget meant to promote themselves when idiots complain and report them for sending an e-mail, if there is an unsubscribe button, just click it, or try talking to the person, allow people to trade, you never know, it may be something you want!

When driving on a motorway, just because there is an overhead speed limit, do not slap on the anchors, it causes tail backs, thick drivers, drive to what is in front of not, not ahead.

If you drive a bus, there is a fair chance that you are an arrogant prat.

If you drive a lorry, there is a fair chance that you enjoy flashing your lights, oh and we know you have horns in your cabs.

Oh if you want to complain to me about this, you probably complained about Jeremy Clarkson too and can’t see what this post is about.

Being number one in the singles chart means nothing now a day.

If you are younger than 25, have you ever tried playing outdoors? There are games such as tag, stuck in the mud, building a den?

Have you actually seen proper Snow? Does anyone remember a real winter, like 1981?

England are not a good international football side.

The way Colonial Gadaffi died is not a tragedy; the way others died under his regime is the tragedies, so all you human rights people, get stuffed.

Darren Bent is not feared on the international stage and is not international class.

Peace on earth will never happen, forget it, it is a shame but religion is the route of all evil.

A football team conceding a goal is not a tragedy, it is not a disaster, Christchurch earthquakes were both a tragedy and a disaster.

Only one team can win the league and three teams get relegated, get over it, if it is not your side or is your side, accept it, remember the manager is on the least money, compared to the players that took you down.

Stuart Downing is not international class.

9/11 actually happened; it was a terrorist attack, all you conspiracy theorists, stop trying to make money from this dreadful event.

The British public hate pressing one, two or three for another menu, get us through to somebody who will talk to us and give us customer service.

The English Premiership has lost the standard it had; there has not been a good side for at least two years.

Darts fans are not all they are cracked up to be, the barracking of some players is disrespectful.

Celtic v Rangers is of a poor standard and lives off the past.

Soaps are not real life, if that much bad luck happened in my street I would move.

Chris Moyles is funny if you get him, if not don’t listen.

Banks, councils and politicians are arrogant; they can pay their bills by taking money from us, the public.

Fear for your kids growing up, they are going to have it a lot tougher than us.

Dog’s poo, as long as the owner cleans it up, there is no need to say that is disgusting.

People need to concentrate on their lives and their homes, if a mate is struggling in their family or marriage relationship, just support them, don’t tell them what to do.

Mother-In-Laws will always back their son/daughter, which is their job; the Father-In-Law will back off as much as possible.

There is always somebody worse off than you, that is life.

Somebody will always be jealous of you and what you have; if this upsets you don’t flaunt what you have.

Some of this will touch you, some will make you laugh; take it as it is meant.

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Exciting changes to our Compensation Plan

Now is your time to get involved!

We have taken a different course for tonight’s blog, and we feel it is important we do, because, the company has taken steps to improve the chances of success, all in the short term, medium and long term, in the days of pensions being taken away from us, this is a chance to create a life time residual income, that will grow and grow. Please see the words below that briefly outline how we are achieving our success, but our success is built on your success.

As many of you are aware, Telecom Plus, who owns the Utility Warehouse brand, is currently seeing record levels of customer growth and the business is going from strength to strength. is part of one of the most amazing business success stories this country has ever seen, and takes huge pride in the part you have played in creating it.

Are we pleased with the progress we are making? Of course! But we want to make you a success of the story, to see how please see this DVD,
But can we afford to rest on our laurels as the wider economy heads back into recession next year? Absolutely not!

That’s why the company has announced the biggest changes to the Compensation Plan that they have ever made.

These changes will help drive our growth even faster and:
  • make it easier for new IDs to get started and qualify their positions;
  • increase the amount you can earn from Team Building;
  • create a real financial incentive for Distributors to gain promotion and maintain their Status; and
  • deliver an immediate increase in residual income to most distributors.
Telecom Plus statement, So what’s new?

With effect from 15 January 2012:

1 All Distributors will become Qualifying Distributors once they have just 3 personal customers (instead of 6 under the current plan). Overnight, this means around 4,500 Distributors will be promoted or see an increase in their current Status!

2 We are making it easier for new Distributors to earn their 90-day Starter Bonus by reducing the target to just three Qualifying Customers.

3 We are making it simpler for new Distributors to understand the business and get started successfully by separating Customer Gathering from Team Building. Importantly, this means that they will only be able to recruit new distributors once they have become a QD and attended the new COE Team Building Training Course.

4 We are introducing a new enhanced Team Building Bonus (TBB) to encourage sponsors to help their new Distributors to get started quickly and effectively.

This new TBB means that in addition to the £50 you currently receive when a new ID you have sponsored receives their 90-Day Starter Bonus, you will now also earn matching CGB on the first 3 customers gathered by each of your new Distributors within their first 90 days. This provides a massive incentive for you to accompany them to their first few appointments and help them get qualified, and means you could receive over £100 extra TBB from each new Distributor you recruit!

In addition, we are making a number of changes to the way CVC is calculated, with significant improvements to Personal CVC, higher ‘Plus Club’ bonuses, as well as some major changes to downline CVC which will provide more predictable earnings and a greater incentive for all Leaders (GL and above) to continue climbing the Stairway to Success.

The combined effect of these changes will help us to achieve our long term goal of becoming one of the UK’s leading utility suppliers, providing ever greater value and savings to our customers, in what are becoming increasingly competitive markets.

By doing so, we will also drive faster customer growth and reduce churn, thus protecting and enhancing the income of all our partners for many decades to come.

Let’s build this business.

So you now know how I started and who the company is behind the opportunity, I am sure this has gained you confidence, but now the scariest time of any new business is how to get started, what are the hints and tips to gain the customers and distributors you need for success.

Luckily the Utility Warehouse has a fantastic FREE training program, in a joyful atmosphere, people who have not only built there business, but have also built other people’s business, pass on their knowledge, not only the knowledge they have learnt but also the approved training programme that has been built on many of the successful experiences from the top distributors, they do not keep secrets.

The fantastic think about this business is it is all on a plate, your website name issued however is a bit long and a mouthful, e.g.: but for about £5 you can buy an appropriate domain name, I purchased, it rolls off the tongue, it gets your creative juices flowing though.

Once you have finished your training, you could well have your first appointments set up, on training they assist you on this to build up your confidence, and you should have a large list to begin concentrating on, the thing to remember when you are calling people is you are asking them if you would like a coffee together so you can quickly run something passed them that is fantastic, it is not a sales appointment!

The law of averages state that 7 in 10 will say no, so the best attitude to people who say no is thank you, that means that the next nine people I speak to 3 will say yes, and at least as a friend I have spoken to you. Make them think they are missing out on something that is futuristic, because they are, and don’t write them off, they may come back to you at a later date.

One of the key to success is to plug into the system, embrace it and enjoy it, this business is not for everyone, again, it is not a problem, but if it is not for you, you may want to recommend a friend, it is all about giving everybody the choice. Telecom Plus do not invest in advertising, they rely on word of mouth, this enables the company to pass the savings onto customers, this is why they offer the price promise, they offer,

• The UK’s cheapest Home Phone
• The UK’s cheapest Home Phone and Broadband bundle
• The UK’s cheapest Mobile
• The UK’s cheapest standard Gas and Electricity

And with 96% of customers satisfied enough to recommend the services, they must be doing something right!
The Utility Warehouse
Save Money, Make Money

The ABC Solution, growing you, Part II

So we now have the website set up, the business is live, but where do we start, luckily with Utility Warehouse, it is all explained to you in several free training sessions, I believe the fee is worth the money alone just for the training and personal development, with a complete online training schedule and superb interactive training class rooms, it really can be a dummies guide to your new business.

But who do you have behind you and who says they are any good? The Company is Telecom Plus, based in North London, and operates only from this main office, it was founded in 1996 as a telecommunications business. Its first product, launched in 1997, which was a least cost call routing ‘Smart Box’, a gadget that plugs into a phone socket and then routes the calls to alternative networks at a cheaper rate than British Telecom Since then, the company has added to its portfolio: a full landline telephony service, mobile telephony (piggybacked on the T-Mobile network), broadband, gas and electricity (the company is licensed by OFGEM), and a Cash Back card (a pre-paid Mastercard).

To date, the business has grown to over 375,000 domestic and small-business customers, around 30,000 of whom are also Distributors, signing up new customers under a Multi-level marketing scheme in return for a residual income.

In March 2009 the Company was awarded the prestigious title of “Company of the Year” at the Quoted Company Awards annual dinner.

In February 2011, Which? magazine named the Utility Warehouse as the UK’s ‘Best Energy Supplier’ for the third year in a row. It also names the company Recommended Provider for Home Phone. Which? named the Utility Warehouse ‘Recommended Provider’ for Broadband in September 2010, and awarded it a ‘Best Buy’ for Home Phone and Broadband in Dec 2008, Feb 2010 (renewed in August 2010).

Trading as The Utility Warehouse, Telecom Plus has no shops and does not advertise on television or in the national press. The entire operation (including call centres) is based in North London, with around 450-500 staff.

So as you can see, this is something special, and at the presentation evenings you learn more about the people behind the business, but if you can’t wait just google Charles Wigoder.

Thank you for reading part II, I will update again later this week, to get involved as a customer please visit and as an interested distributor please visit, also don’t forget businesses you aren’t left out, your page is

The Pig
The Utility Warehouse Pig